About the Shop

About the Shop

Austin Custom Brass has been a lifelong dream of mine. Having been dealing in retail sales since I was 14 I've always wanted to open my own business. In 1998 I had my first taste of the music industry. I was very fortunate to learn a lot about the business by working at Osmun Brass. At Osmun I got my feet wet in a crazy world. It was an exciting time for me and I enjoyed my time there. It also began my obsession with equipment and constant tinkering/modification.

To truly learn the positive elements of what great equipment can do for your playing was priceless.

One of the good elements I provide to my clients is the scary thought that I've actually owned almost EVERY brand of trumpet out there. In my years of being a horn dealer on ebay and online I've gotten a chance to pretty much try every major trumpet out there. It's helped me figure out my own playing but I've also realized that it helps me find great horns for my students. I can really "fit" my students without having them go through what I did.

Fast forward to 2010 and now I'm able to take all of this to another level. Many months have been spent learning a whole new language based in CAD-CAM design. I am now seeing my true dream realized. I've always dreamed of combining the best of the old-world craftsmanship with the modern advancements in technology, metallurgy, and acoustical data study. This has led me to offer products that I stand by 100%. The products you see here online are the best of the old and new.

In these days of the internet store the relationship between clients and dealers have been strained. Most stores are only concerned in the bottom line and lack the personal attention the customer deserves. The customer service and personal attention you will receive here at Austin Custom Brass will be a highlight of my personal mission. I want you to feel like you're my only client. I can't wait to work with all of you.

I hope we can take an interesting journey together and make your experiences on the trumpet more enjoyable and efficient!


Trent Austin
Austin Custom Brass