Berp Bio Valve Oil 8oz bottle

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A New and Improved Formulation




BerpBioOil presents a new formulation offered in three viscosities: light (1), medium (2), and heavy (3);  in an 8ounce bottle with additional empty bottle. This new oil has been developed by the makers of the Berp together with the scientists of Novvi and is made in the USA from sustainably grown sugarcane. Novvi’s mission statement “we grow revolutionary oils and lubricants that protect equipment and our community” fits Berp and Co.’s. commitment to locally produced sustainable products. For more information about Novvi, please visit,

  • Non-toxic
  • Petroleum-free
  • Plant Based (Biobased)
  • Contains essential oil that cleans as it lubricates
  • No adverse effect (no calcium build-up) on your valves whether they are nickel-plated, monel-plated, or raw brass .
  • Available in the widest range of viscosities on the market*

Which viscosity will work for you?

Newer instruments generally have tighter clearances and require lighter viscosities. How-
ever lighter viscosities evaporate more quickly (especially in petroleum-based oil). Your choice for the greatest value should be the heaviest weight that allows the valves to move rapidly and consistently for the longest period of time. Speed and endurance.

We will be happy to advise you as to which of our weights is closest to what you are now using, as Novvi scientists have made a comparative analysis of the popular brands. If you have been using our BerpBioOil regular, the new formulation for our #3 oil is exactly the same viscosity. If you have been using the “lite” version of our original oil, its viscosity is 4.2, which is heavier than our #2 and #1 oil. You should also consider buying a sample pack, which offers 1⁄2 oz. versions of all of our weights.

Tips to get the most from BerpBioOil

BerpBioOil works best if you clean your valves before the initial application, though it is not absolutely necessary.

What does “biobased” mean and what are the benefits?

Biobased products as defined by the U.S.Secretary of Agriculture are composed in whole or in significant part, of biological products or renewable materials. They are not petroleum-based, which helps alleviate the consumption of resources that harm the environment. We recommend that people who suffer from asthma and allergic reactions to pollution try these products as an alternative to what they are currently using.

* BerpBioOil offers three viscosities (cSt) with a wider range of weights than any other lubricant on the market to ensure that you will find the right match for your needs:

No.1 light 2.2 cSt

No.2 medium 3.7 cSt

No.3 heavy 5.6 cSt




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