Vintage 1937 Conn 40B Conqueror "Vocabell" Trumpet in Silver Plate with Gold Wash Bell

UTPT Conn Vocabell Silver Bb 149
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I just love these Vocabell Trumpets and cornets from Conn!




The Conn 40B has an artistic, Art Deco design concept.




Every part of the horn incorporates Art Deco details, from the twin tube mouthpipe to the rimless bell. The key difference between the 40B and most modern trumpets is the tubing wrap; the third valve slide is on the right of the tuning slide rather than on the left. The wrap is also more compact than most modern horns. The design concept continues through the recessed water keys, faceted valve casings, bracing, and valves caps. The bell features more engraving than many horns, but it's the rimless edge that steals the show.




All slides and valves move freely. This horn has aged wonderfully and is in beautiful condition, no dings or scratches. There is a some slight fading in the finish, particularly in the  gold wash bell however beyond this it is in fantastic condition! The valves move smoothly with great action and compression. The valves are bottom spring style valves. The slides move comfortably as well. This is a wonderful vintage horn and a real pleasure to have in the shop!


Snooky Young used to play one of these with the Lunceford band and said he could peel paint at 500 feet away.  It projects like crazy!


This Conn is a great player, as with all vintage horns we recommend a thicker valve oil like Berp bio oil #3. This vintage, art-deco trumpet will not last long at this price, so check it out today, only at ACB!


What Conn said in 1933:
The most popular trumpet on the market. Used by such first chair stars as Lebert Lombardo (Guy Lombardo), Jack Cavan (Charlie Agnew), Lamar Wright (Cab Calloway), Charlie Williams (Duke Ellington), David Glickstein (Broadway shows) and Eddie Camden (Don Bestor). The Vocabell rim is a single, integral piece of metal which allows it to vibrate freely. Conventional bells have a rigid wire in the rim which tends to muffle the tone and dampen out the delicate harmonics that are so essential to clear tone and rich coloring.


Delicate instruments of Columbia Broadcasting Studio in New York show the Vocabell has from 12 to 15 decibels greater volume, is smoother and more even in scale, and is clearer and purer in tone than trumpets with the conventional type bells. Beautifully styled in modern manner. Medium bore, Bb and Am springs in bottom of valves.


 Sold with the original  case but no mouthpiece



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