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ACB GEN II Trumpet Tops

$125.99 $84.99 Sale
  For 6 years I have been waiting for this moment and it's finally here!   A fully 100% in-house made mouthpiece!   We are beyond excited to proudly present the ACB Gen II trumpet tops.   Why go to a new series of...
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Austin Custom Brass Acrylic Trumpet Mouthpiece Tops

$95.00 $74.99 Sale
 Synthetic, hypoallergenic, denser than delrin, beautiful sounding trumpet mouthpiece tops!   Acrylic tops are available in our standard blank only. All threaded tops are compatible with Warburton threaded components, pretty much now...
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Austin Custom Brass Standard Series Trumpet Mouthpiece Top

$95.00 $75.00 Sale
Making custom mouthpieces is one of the main reasons I opened up my shop. I wanted to make a mouthpiece that felt comfortable, had a rich sound full of overtones, and didn't zap my endurance! After a lot of time on the lathe, I'm proud to say I've...
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