The Incredible Thane Performance Series Bb Trumpet in with Large Taper bell!

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77 Thane Performance Trumpet large bell
6.00 LBS
$35.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
  • The Incredible Thane Performance Series Bb Trumpet in with Large Taper bell!
  • The Incredible Thane Performance Series Bb Trumpet in with Large Taper bell!
  • The Incredible Thane Performance Series Bb Trumpet in with Large Taper bell!
  • The Incredible Thane Performance Series Bb Trumpet in with Large Taper bell!
  • The Incredible Thane Performance Series Bb Trumpet in with Large Taper bell!
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We're so excited to have this Thane Performance Series Bb trumpet available at the shop! Here's a video of the last one we had  in the shop which sold really quickly . It's the best setup for the all around musician, especially for someone looking for a  beautiful sound with a dense core. 

The Thane Performance Series trumpets are designed for excellent stability, intonation, playability, and core of sound. Handmade in the USA, one piece at a time. Each part is closely inspected and detailed to fit each individual instrument with precision, and without tension. Every aspect of these trumpets is built with the player in mind.

Valve casings: Two-piece casings, with a bronze body and nickel tops. Precisely fit Monel pistons. The slides tubing and crooks are all trimmed by hand to be a perfect fit for each casing and aligned with the highest tolerances.

Slides: The tuning slide is a soft D bend with slightly longer ferrules to keep the connecting brace strong. Each tube is precisely fit to each crook before it is assembled. The bronze cross brace is a Thane signature design. Not only does it add a nice aesthetic but bronze transfers sound vibration extremely well, allowing the tuning slide to vibrate with the rest of the instrument as it is being played. This helps relieve more tension and allows for an even easier playing horn. The slides are fit tightly and hand lapped for ideal movement. Amado waterkeys are added on the tuning slide and third slide for easy draining and a third slide stop prevents unwanted damage.

Leadpipe: The leadpipe is a standard Thane1 version Bb pipe. This has the correct taper, venturi opening, mouthpiece gap, and ideal length for the best playing Bb trumpet. Each leadpipe is drawn to a mandrel for consistency, trimmed, and fit for the receiver and tuning slide.

The Bell

The bell is an all brass classic taper ideal for the typical trumpet sound everyone is looking for. The second bell option is the Large taper (which is what this one has) . With options for yellow brass, goldbrass, redbrass or bronze material. A slightly larger bell diameter for those looking for a warmer and more open sound. Each bell is hand fit and aligned perfectly to each trumpet build.

The braces are hand made, trimmed, measured, and fit to allow for no tension when soldered on.

Other bell options are available by request in different sizes and materials.


  • Meinlschmidt casing - bronze body, nickel balusters (standard pistons, not MAW)
  • ML bore .460" with nickel outside tubing
  • Hand built, hand lapped slides
  • ML standard leadpipe
  • Soft D bend tuning slide with bronze cross brace
  • Standard/Medium Throat bell
  • Front U brace rear S brace for stability
  • About Thane Trumpets

"I have worked in the trumpet manufacturing industry for over ten years building custom hand-crafted trumpets with close to eight years total building for Monette trumpets. As a professional trumpet player myself, I went through many instruments looking for what I thought would be the best trumpet. I wanted to find the most versatile trumpet on the market; something that I could use in all situations, allowing easy mouthpiece changes to get different sounds and that would allow me to play anything from orchestral section to lead big band. I went through trumpet after trumpet and could not find it. So, with my knowledge and experience building trumpets, I made two prototypes to see if I could achieve it myself. I spent a few months designing and building a Bb and C trumpet. I realized immediately that I had something great. I currently play both of those originals and feel like I have finally found what I have been looking for all these years! After sharing these with a few colleagues, I realized there are more people out there still looking for just the right horn. I started Thane Trumpets to share my knowledge and building skills with the rest of the world. These trumpets are tailored for each player and I am committed to providing the highest quality trumpets on the market at a cost that is reasonable for the working musician." -Logan Thane Brown


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