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The Great Schagerl Penelope Meister Series Trumpet in Silver Plate!

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Product Overview

ACB is a proud dealer of the world-class Schagerl Meister Series instruments!

We're offering you an excellent chance to save on an awesome Schagerl trumpet!


What a horn! I spent some time on this trumpet at NAMM and was very impressed! 


The "Penelope" is the perfect choice for a colorful, blending sound. The quick response is similar to our "Dione" model, but the Penelope's gold brass bell offers excellent intonation and a sound which is dark and noble.

Marc Osterer about this instrument:

“It is commonly said that there is no single trumpet that can do everything, and that trumpet players must often switch instruments to be able to play in orchestras, big bands, small jazz groups, and recording sessions. For the past few months, I’ve been playing only one instrument for all of these things: the Schagerl Penelope.

Not only is it a physically beautiful instrument, the construction of the slides and valves feels perfectly aligned, more than any other trumpet I’ve played. Everything from the gold plating to the third slide stopper is perfect. But my favorite thing about this horn is the way it feels and sounds. It’s the perfect balance of small-bore response and large bore sound. Every note has its place, and feels secure even before articulating. The projection is so wide that I can hear my sound echo off the back wall of the concert hall.

The only bad thing about owning the Penelope is the guilt that I feel for not ever wanting to play my other trumpets!”



  • Gold Brass Bell
  • Gold brass Leadpipe
  • ML Bore - .460"
  • Monel Pistons


Pick up this amazing horn today! Only one available at this special price.


(sold without a case

Plays well with the Schagerl Apredato Mouthpieces!

We now offer an ACB-Apredato Hybrid Mouthpiece option! Almost all ACB mouthpiece designs are available for purchase with the Apredato conversion.


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