The Endsley Collection

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The following is a tribute to a great man and one of the  big reasons Austin Custom Brass exists.   Without Jerry teaching my friend Doug Meeuwsen a bunch about how to handmake trumpet mouthpieces  I am sure   I wouldn't  haven't started ACB.   When the family approached me to start helping with the sale of some of his collection I was more than happy to help.   

Please note ACB will not be running these sales through the  KC  shop.  You can now purchase the items through the webstore but they will be shipped direct from the estate.  We are helping the Endsley estate sell Jerry's collection.    We are simply acting as a liaison and  all sales will go directly through the family.   This way the family gets all the proceeds eliminating a middleman.  If you pay with a  check or money order you can save 3%  to cover our credit card fees.


Please note all sales are final through the estate and horns are in as-is condition.  Any questions should be asked prior to purchasing the instruments. 

We will host all photos,  videos, and be happy to answer any questions.  There's a LOT in this collection (just see the video for the "vault picture")  and we will be listing all items when they become available.

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