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Schagerl Spyder Trumpet in Antique Lacquer with Gold Accents!

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Schagerl Spyder Vintage
8.00 LBS
$35.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Product Overview

Easily the prettiest horn Schagerl makes and such a player!


Austin Custom Brass is proud to be an official dealer for these amazing instruments! If you are looking for a very cool, handmade work of art, then the Schagerl Spyder is an excellent choice. This horn plays even better than it looks!

Comes with no case or mouthpiece.



Here's a video of the Spyder!




Since their first appearance in 1989, Schagerl Meister Series trumpets have become renowned as instruments of exceptional quality. Schagerl Meister Series instruments are state-of-the-art in every way, custom made to serve the wishes of professional musicians in symphonies, operas, chamber orchestras, and the jazz world. The Spyder's sound and projection is perfect for one-trumpet ensembles like chamber music, small jazz groups, and recording sessions. The intonation is excellent, the tone is warm and consistent, and the looks are as unique as the music you'll play on it. It is also completely customizable: everyone is welcome in the Schagerl shop to share new ideas and talk to the artists who make these amazing instruments. You'll note the similarities between Shagerl's Spyder trumpet, the Ganschhorn, and the Raweni.

There is a distinct difference in the sound between a piston trumpet and a rotary valve trumpet. The fluidity of sound and almost "articulated" quality of slurred passages you can achieve with rotary valves is impossible to replicate on a piston valve instrument. The "problem" with most rotary valve trumpets is that you need both hands to play them. Not great when you want to make a fast page turn or mute change or use a plunger mute on your solo! You can easily do those things with the Spyder because it's designed with one-handed playing in mind.


  • Bell: 5.12" flare, .45mm gauge, gold brass
  • Waterkeys: 2
  • Heavy valve section with top-action rotary valves and custom inlaid valve buttons
  • 3rd valve slide ring for precise intonation


Plays well with the Schagerl Apredato Mouthpieces!


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review