Schagerl Ganschhorn Light Trumpet in Clear Lacquer

TPT Ganschhorn Schagerl lacquer 796
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Schagerl Ganschhorn (designed by Thomas Gansch) -- light model trumpet in clear lacquer! It's difficult to keep these horns in stock (people keep buying all of our inventory!) but you can still order one through our Build Your Own Ganschhorn page.



The Ganschhorn combines the advantages of a rotary trumpet with the handling of a piston instrument. It has the direct response of a piston trumpet, with the smooth sound of rotary valves. The sound can go from wide, dark, and complex all the way to very bright and compact. The upper register feels very free. The rotors are lightning fast and smooth. Fast passages feel easy to play, thanks to the top action design and painstakingly handmade valve block. The horn is designed to be played one-handed (unlike traditional rotary trumpet designs) so that you can play plunger mute solos, turn pages, or perform quick mute changes with ease. And you'll stand out from the crowd with the Ganschhorn's eye-catching bell design!



The light model Ganschhorns play amazingly well as you can hear in this video below of a light model Ganschhorn in polished lacquer:


One of the great things about the Ganschhorn is the color palette in the sound. You can play it dark and mellow or bright and direct as you can hear in the various videos on this page (check out Thomas Gansch's explanation video below). 


The Gansch Horn was developed with input from Austrian trumpet great Thomas Gansch (Mnozil Brass). It combines the advantages of a rotary trumpet with the handling of a piston trumpet. It has the direct response of a piston trumpet and offers the smooth rotary sound and makes fast playing easy.





Sold with a case but no mouthpiece.


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