Schagerl Academica Bb Cornet in Lacquer K-451L

SKU K-451L Schagerl Academica Cornet Lacquer
Weight 15.00 LBS
Height 12.00 (in)
Width 24.00 (in)
Depth 12.00 (in)
Shipping $0.00

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Austin Custom Brass is proud to be an authorized dealer of the world-class Schagerl Academica instruments!




There are some things with which you can’t go wrong – one of them is the Model K-451L Schagerl Academica cornet. This Schagerl cornet was designed for musicians that love a clear, pure tone and also want to bring some brilliance to their playing. The K-451L is a great entry level cornet with great response, a classic cornet sound, and good intonation. This is a great cornet that won't break the bank, perfect if you're interested in getting into cornet playing as a student, a professional looking for a doubling option, or a hobbyist who just wants a good cornet at an affordable price point.

  • Bore: 11,68 mm (.459")
  • Leadpipe: Gold brass
  • Bell: Shepherd's crook
  • Piston Valves: Monel
  • Inner slides: Brass
  • Outer slides: Nickelsilver
  • 1st valve saddle and adjustable 3rd valve ring for precise intonation
  • Water keys: 2
  • Finish: Clear lacquer
  • Schagerl mouthpiece included. Want to upgrade? Check out our affordable Fabrication Series mouthpieces!
  • Oil, Slide Grease, Instrument Care Cloth
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Review of Schagerl K-451L
Written by Andrew Norman on 8th Sep 2019

Dear Sirs, This is a review of a Schagerl K-451 cornet I purchased from ACB. I’m 65, a retired band director and have kept active as a trumpet player since college. My main instrument is a Bach Strad trumpet (model 43). I have had it close to 40 years, given two recitals and played countless gigs with it. I even had a valve job done on it to keep it playing. I also had a Getzen student-level cornet for a while but passed it on to kid who was starting out and needed it more than me. I have always wanted a more professional level cornet and believe I now have one in this Schagerl cornet. Even though it is listed as an “Academica Cornet” which implies perhaps an intermediate level instrument I have found it to be a fine playing horn. First, its appearance is impressive. I prefer a lacquered cornet and this one is beautiful having no imperfections that I could find. Second, the valves and slides are well made, work smoothly and again have no imperfections that I could find. Third, the instrument plays wonderfully. Playing with a tuner on my stand it holds intonation very well through the range of notes I checked. The tone is warm and the need for a wide range is quite accessible on this instrument. I have always wondered how to describe a cornet’s playing from a trumpet and have been playing these two instruments side-by-side. The best word I have is the cornet has less resistance in the air stream. Even so, the tone is still strong and warm. I have had a life-long desire to play Arban’s Carnival of Venice and believe it is finally possible using this instrument. Incredible! As I searched for an acceptable cornet to purchase I was very pleased to find Austin Custom Brass. My hat is off to you. The price I paid was less than I was prepared to pay and I that is called a win-win. Many thanks, Andrew Norman