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Austin Custom Brass is now open as a full-service repair shop in addition to our retail sales division.   We can accomodate any of your brass repair needs and with an appointment usually very quickly.  

General Services include:


Ultrasonic Cleaning- Includes disassembly, cleaning and reassembly.


Dent Removal- Dents from everyday use and accidents are removed and the horn is checked over for playability. Customers are billed at an hourly rate due to the necessary time to properly fix an instrument varies.


Playing Condition (P.C.)- Every horn that comes in to the shop is in a different condition. With a Playing Condition or P.C. the horn is repaired with the minimum amount of work needed to have the horn play well. Prices vary depending on the work needed.


Precision Valve Alignment (PVA)- With a Precision Valve Alignment or PVA the valves ports on the casing and the ports on the valves are matched through vertical and horizontal adjustments. Valves are adjusted through various measurements and play tests to make sure that they are fit and aligned correctly.


General Repair- Sometimes horns have parts that break off or need work outside that described above (e.g. Soldering) for these types of repairs there is just the hourly shop charge.


Custom Work- Sometimes customers like to have parts customized on their horns (e.g. Leadpipe replacement, Brace removal/replacement, Custom adjustments) for repairs in this category the customer will be charged the hourly shop rate.


Please call 781-944-6247 or email us  to  set up an appointment time for a consultation of custom work on your horn. It helps us better understand your needs and vision.


Parts (e.g. valve felts, waterkey corks and other parts)  replaced at a small parts charge.

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ACB Ultrasonic Cleaning service

AUSTIN CUSTOM BRASS  Ultrasonic Cleaning Service   The power of Ultrasonic technology can safely clean your instrument with no harmful chemicals!   Ultrasonic cleaning is the state of the art in instrument cleaning technology. This...
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High Speed Valve Springs for Trumpet

$24.95 $19.95 Sale
High Speed Valve Springs for Trumpet.     Speed up the performance for your instrument! It doesn't matter how much you practice, your valve up-strokes will never get faster than your springs. Improved valve action doesn't just let you play...
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