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Rare Used LA Olds Super US Trumpet in Silver Plate

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UTPT Olds US 255
6.00 LBS
$35.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Product Overview

We have another Olds here at the shop, the Super U.S.!

The valve block, and other elements including the bracing add to the look of this stylish horn! We rarely see this particular configuration, so be sure to pick it up quickly! 

There are a few minor dings around the trumpet and some very small specks of redrot on the leadpipe (see photos). This horn features an adjustable third valve slide ring. There's some wear on the silver plate (especially along the bell) and it looks like some work has been done on the bell bow. All slides and valves move freely; this horn will play best with thicker valve oil like Berp Bio Oil #3 (Heavy).

Jump to 47:14 for a playing demo of this horn:

Comes with no case or mouthpiece.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review