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Pre-Owned Taylor Pocket Pro 2 Pocket Trumpet in Raw Brass!

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MSRP: $2,495.00
(You save $195.01 )
UTPT Taylor Pocket 234 JG-C
6.00 LBS
$35.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Product Overview

Check out this sweet little horn! This Taylor Pocket Pro 2 is in great shape. It has no dents or dings, and has developed a nice patina on the raw brass finish. Check out the size of that bell! It's actually larger than the diameter of most standard-wrap trumpets. Andy Taylor is known for his amazing trumpet bell making skills, and this one gives you incredible player feedback behind the horn.

This trumpet really feels substantial in your hand with its thicker rings, larger bell, and heavy trim. It comes with a heavy gold plated Taylor M2 mouthpiece as well!

The horn feels great mechanically, the valves are fast and smooth and the third valve slide is well fitted and easy to use. 

This horn is available for purchase with no wait time!



  • Raw Brass Finish
  • Upturned mouthpipe
  • Amado waterkeys
  • 5.5 inch bell
  • Recessed top caps/buttons 

From Taylor:

After the success of the Pocket Pro and Pocket Pro Custom we have decided it was time to move the Pocket trumpet into the realms of being a proper full on Professional trumpet. So what’s different about the Pocket Pro 2? Three main things. One… it uses the same super slick valve section as the established Chicago II trumpets. This ensures more dependability, reliability and longevity. Two… a more comfortable layout. And Three… even better build quality and finish.

All this is great but… does it still perform? Oh yes, in bucketloads. This has to be about the most dynamic Pocket trumpet around. Soft whispers to incredibly loud when the need arises, and all with little effort. You can take this on a trumpet gig and it will do all what a regular trumpet can do. Make no mistake, this is a powerful piece of kit. On a noisy stage this trumpet makes great sense as well. Due to the bell being closer to your face you get better volume feedback and freedom of movement, so you can move around, turn round with much less chance of hitting someone in the head with your bell.

Check one out. You’ll be impressed with what this little Pocket Rocket can do.



Sold with no case, comes with a Gold Plated Taylor M2 mouthpiece


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review