Post-War F. Besson Brevete Trumpet in Lacquer From Trent's Collection: A great Restoration Candidate

UTPT Besson Brevete 198 TA-C
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As I was sitting in my home studio over the weekend I looked over to my instrument collection and wondered why I needed so many! :-) I have been extremely fortunate to be following my house rule of “one-in/one-out” for years now, and that has led to an incredible collection of rare and premium instruments.

After so many years of playing and collecting I have finally realized that I have so many wonderful extra instruments I do not use on a regular basis. I’d like to find good homes for them with players who will appreciate them as much as I have, and most importantly who will play them more frequently than I do.

I just got my personal Adams A1v2 back after sending it out to a couple trade shows. It's so well suited to my playing, and is a great complement to my Coppernicus. Being an Adams artist and having a deep connection with the entire Adams Brass family, I am therefore parting ways with many other treasures that I have grown to love. I am keeping a couple trumpets that have sentimental value to me, a few cornets, one piccolo trumpet, and one flugelhorn. 

F Besson Breveté 97xxx

This is a post-war Besson Breveté. I got it with the intention of having it restored, but since I already have a Besson that I will be keeping in my collection I've decided to let this one go. It will need a new leadpipe, and probably a valve rebuild. The bell bend is bent to the side, and the bell has a bit of a droop toward the front. There are a couple of dents along the length of the bell, and a crease has been removed along the top of the flare. There's also some lacquer wear throughout. Check out the photos to see the condition of the horn.


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