New for 2019 the ACB Doubler's Piccolo Trumpet in Satin Lacquer!

Austin Custom Brass
$1,199.00 $829.99 (You save $369.01)
Weight 8.00 LBS
Height 12.00 (in)
Width 22.00 (in)
Depth 8.00 (in)
Shipping $20.00

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ACB Doubler's Piccolo Trumpets are available in a limited edition of  SATIN LACQUER!


New for 2019!


We have a limited stock of these in the shop right now (and more arriving in one month). Order today! 


This horn is perfect for someone who wants a great playing professional piccolo, without spending upwards of 2K. If you are looking for a professional piccolo at an amazing price, pick up this one today! It is very rare that one of these comes into the shop, and it will not last long!



  • Trumpet Shank receiver (pipes in Bb and A)
  • 4 valve
  • .448 bore
  • stainless steel valves
  • ACB case (lightweight but sturdy)
  • Unbranded piccolo trumpet mouthpiece included (we recommend upgrading to the ACB 7PT)

This is a great piccolo trumpet for someone who is looking for a great, professional level trumpet, that won't break the bank! We get them from a factory (made to our specs), and then modify them and playtest them at our shop. Each horn comes with a semi-hard gig bag-esque case and a stock mouthpiece. 


A review from our customer Michael on 8/3/2017:

"5 STARS! AWESOME! This horn plays great! I put it through the tests playing both sides Bb/A. Both play great and the horn is so easy to play after playing something else that I don't have to worry about transitioning between them. This is awesome!"

Here's a video of the Doubler's pic AFTER our modifications... it's pretty stellar and really, really fun to play!

FYI I played like 5 notes before this video. I was so excited to share the sounds with you all I had to run up and grab the video camera!



If you have additional questions send us an email. 

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Also note weight indicated in the ad is shipping weight not actual weight of instrument.

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Great Addition to My Toolset
Written by Scott F. on 2nd Jul 2019

Very happy with this horn. I had been playing on a loaner Yamaha, and decided I needed to get my own piccolo trumpet. Not being a regular player, picking up something on the affordable side was a requirement. From my limited playing, moving from the Yamaha to the ACB Doubler was simple with no noticeable change in sound or performance. The valves are smooth and responsive, the sound is light and regal. And the satin finish is a nice variation in appearance. From a non-professional opinion, I cannot recommend this horn highly enough for the player with limited opportunities to play.

ACB Doubler's Piccolo Trumpet
Written by MC on 19th Apr 2019

If I had known about this horn years ago, I would have bought it years ago. I've always wanted to play piccolo trumpet, but since I'm not a professional musician there's no way I could justify spending two to six thousand on one. This is the perfect mid-range model, the value for the price is incredible, and I recommend it to any trumpet player without hesitation. It has an excellent tone, the valves are fantastic, mine is in a satin brass finish and it's beautiful. It is not perfect, I sometimes struggle to make the lower notes sound good with the fourth valve. Intonation can be temperamental, especially when playing with the A leadpipe... That being said, I'm not a professional, and many of these issues are natural problems for piccolo trumpets-even the expensive ones. I am so satisfied with this purchase, absolutely the best value for the money. Do not buy a cheap Chinese one, this is the one you want!