New Bach Stradivarius 229 25H C Trumpet Model, optimized by ACB!

$4,281.00 $3,269.00 (You save $1,012.00)
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Weight 12.00 LBS
Height 12.00 (in)
Width 24.00 (in)
Depth 12.00 (in)
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New Bach Stradivarius 229 25H C Trumpet Model, optimized by ACB!



All Bach trumpets sold at Austin custom Brass are optimized  by our  shop foreman,  Ian McCarthy.    

Ian checks the following:

valve fit and compression

slide fit and alignment

Measures and, if needed, corrects the mouthpipe venturi

adjust mouthpiece receiver gap


Ian also upgrades the horn from the stock setup with our ACB  PVA (precision valve alignment) at no additional charge.  


As an added bonus Trent and Ian will both play test your horn personally before shipping.


For a limited time we are also shipping these horns free in the US (international orders please email us for a detailed quote).




Bach's best-selling C trumpet, this model (the C180SL229W30) features the 25H Adolph Herseth leadpipe (hence the "H"). The 25H requires a good deal of air to play, but with sufficient breath support it can produce a huge sound. Large bore to allow for greater power and projection, with a standard weight #229 bell---similar to the #43 Bb bell, the #229 produces a brighter, more focused sound than the standard #239 bell, that really projects out through an orchestra. Includes a genuine Vincent Bach mouthpiece and case. Available in silver plate.
Bach Stradivarius 229/25H C Trumpet