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Mid-1960s Olds Recording Cornet in Lacquer

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UCOR Olds Rec 737
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Product Overview

Another Rare Instrument at ACB: The Olds Recording Cornet!

We managed to get our hands on a rare Olds Recording cornet for you! This instrument is from the 1965-66 range and it's a lot of fun to play. Sadly there is some damage throughout the horn but playability is still pretty good. It's a really nice sounding cornet! The tuning trigger on the bell is a lot of fun, and it's a feature you don't see very often. Put every pitch precisely where you want it, and experiment with pitch bending and microtonal effects in your solos. And of course you also get the ergonomic Recording valve block with the offset second valve!

Jump to 28:42 for a playing demo of this cornet:


As you can see from the pictures...

  • Lacquer wear
  • Several dents throughout the horn
  • Leadpipe is a little bent
  • Bell has had some damage removed
  • Offset second valve ergonomic valve block
  • Stylistic elements like the slide crook inlays and trombone-style main water key

What you can't see from the pictures...

  • All valves and slides move freely!
  • Beautiful tone!
  • Bell tuning slide trigger is a lot of fun!


Horn sold with no case or mouthpiece

Here's Jon playing on the last Olds Recording cornet we had in the shop:


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review