Excellent Condition Bach Stradivarius Serial #65 - Extremely Early Bach Trumpet! (EC-101)


Suggested price $10,000

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SKU UTPT Bach 65 Endsley Collection EC101 EC-101
Weight 6.00 LBS
Height 12.00 (in)
Width 24.00 (in)
Depth 12.00 (in)
Shipping $35.00

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In silver plate, this is a classic and one of the earliest Bachs I've ever seen! There are many similarities to later era NY Bachs, however the ferrules on the valve slides are a little different (as are the pull buttons and tuning slide brace). The bell reads "Vincent Bach Corporation New York." There is a T engraved between the lines.


#3 leadpipe & T bell (supposedly the T bell is now Bach's #1 bell which they use for the Commercial models).


The second valve casing is stamped 65, but there is no bore indication. There is V. Bach New York U.S.A. in a box on the second slide as well. 


It is in excellent condition and has only had 3 owners (Mr. Endsley, a Mr. Larry Delinger, and the original owner in Nebraska). This is a major collector's item and it plays well to boot!




Not available for trial at the shop. For purchase, email us at info@austincustombrass.com

If you see the listing of the horn it's still available (the "sold out" is only because we are not running the sales directly through ACB).

The price is a suggested estimate price by ACB and the estate. Any fair and reasonable offer (which actually might be above the estimated price) will be considered. Email us and we will help.

All sales are going through the family directly and not ACB. This is so the family will get all the proceeds... Jerry taught my teacher who showed me how to hand cut and shape mouthpieces. I feel like I owe the family a great deal and this is why we are helping.

If you have any questions call or email us. We are always happy to help!




If you have additional questions send us an email

Also note weight indicated in the ad is shipping weight not actual weight of instrument.

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