Custom Coppernicus: The Austin Custom Brass by Adams Trumpet in Copper with Sterling Silver Bell!

Austin Custom Brass
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Weight 15.00 LBS
Height 17.00 (in)
Width 26.00 (in)
Depth 15.00 (in)
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Super Cool Totally Custom Austin Custom Brass Double Shepherd's Crook Trumpet


Completely handmade by my friends at Adams in the Netherlands.

After many years of collaborating with my friends at Adams we finally decided to take our relationship to another level with this new model. Be sure to check out all the clips below to hear this horn's incredible tonal spectrum!

This is a Custom model with a solid sterling silver bell and Saturn water keys. This horn is an evolution from our previous instrument, the Hornet, and it's much more versatile both in sound shape and efficiency. The following video is an in-depth discussion of the history of our collaboration designing the Coppernicus.

As you can hear, this instrument pairs really well with our FX series mouthpieces. You can get a really dark, rich, flugelhorn-esque sound without having to bring another horn to the gig.

It's an awesome horn for combo work:


Check out this additional video (around the 25 min mark):


Here are some basic specifications for the Coppernicus:

  • Copper plated finish
  • Poly bore setup to maximize efficiency and volume palette (overall feel is similar to a medium large horn)
  • 5.5 inch sterling silver bell with extra large throat
  • Saturn water keys
  • Double Shepherd's crook design
  • All-new valve block design
  • New leadpipe design
  • Recessed caps
  • Lightweight (lighter than a stock Bach Trumpet) and extremely well balanced in the hand
  • Completely handmade at the Adams factory (including valve block and copper plating)


Here's a review from our customer Steve on 1/2/19:

"The Coppernicus caught my eye because I love the look of copper. Knowing it was offered by ACB and made by Adams was the clincher. ACB has been my go to for anything trumpet for a few years now and will be forever. I played the Coppernicus as soon as it arrived (which was very quick even though it was a week before Christmas) and totally love it!!! I’ve been playing for 57 years and other than the picc I got from ACB, the Coppernicus is my first non hand-me-down horn. Great horn from great people!!!" 


This model will only be available for sale at Austin Custom Brass and we have many on order. Email us at for more details and delivery schedules.





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