Conn 80A Cornet in Gold Plate - wonderful horn! (Lot 170)

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SKU COR Conn 80A Endsley EC170 EC-170
Weight 8.00 LBS
Height 12.00 (in)
Width 22.00 (in)
Depth 8.00 (in)
Shipping $35.00

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We have seen many of these cornets, but to see a gold plated model with the slide mechanism is very rare indeed! This horn does have some finish wear, and is in need of servicing (cleaning, stuck slides, replacing corks and felts etc). The 80A is a popular model for trad jazz players! This horn does come with the original case as well. The engraving is simply beautiful!


What Conn said in 1941: 
The 80-A model has made the Victor name famous. It is the favorite of many of the greatest cornet soloists, and a host if the younger artists have found it to be the ideal cornet for them. Year after year, dozens of the finest school champions in America win on the Victor. This model has won its popularity on exceptional merit. It is built in large bore and consequently has a big, mellow, rich tone, but it is so scientifically designed that it responds with great ease and can be played for long engagements without tiring the player. Its extremely accurate scale has stood the test of exacting critics for years, and its flexibility throughout the complete range has never been excelled by any other cornet. Has Clickless Crysteel valves, Victor tuning wheel. Built in Bb and A.

What Conn said in 1950: 
Two generations of fine cornet players have sung the praises of the large bore, Bb-A 80A Victor. Improved year after year, today it's better than ever.


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The Endsley family will get the proceeds... Jerry taught my teacher who showed me how to hand cut and shape mouthpieces. I feel like I owe the family a great deal and this is why we are helping.



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