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Schagerl Apredato Trumpet mouthpieces

$389.99 $239.99 Sale
GET BEAUTIFUL RESONANCE AND CRISP DYNAMIC RESPONSE FROM SCHAGERL'S APREDATO SERIES -  The New Apredato mouthpieces from Schagerl are a revolutionary step forward in mouthpiece design. This new Schagerl mouthpiece design was crafted with...
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ACB Fabrication Series Mouthpieces!

$109.99 $75.99 Sale
Introducing the Austin Custom Brass Fabrication Series Trumpet Mouthpieces    After many clients, educators, students, and fans of ACB asked for a great introductory trumpet mouthpiece for folks on a budget, I'm extremely proud to...
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ACB FX Hybrid Mouthpieces!

$150.00 $135.00 Sale
Want that flugelhorn sound, without having to travel with a flugelhorn? Then the ACB FX Series Hybrid Mouthpieces are for you!   This is an extension over our very popular TF series... people have wanted an even deeper, darker, richer, and thicker...
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ACB Scratch and Dent Demo sale!

$179.99 $79.99 Sale
These are  for scratch and dent mouthpieces...   either used at trade-shows and have slight insertion marks or  possible test mouthpieces with signs of usage.   All have been ultrasonically cleaned and sanitized prior to your...
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All New KA Series Commercial Backbores

$105.00 $75.00 Sale
  Here are some very rough descriptions of the backbores:   As you can see the KA2 opens up much more quickly after the throat.   The KA1 opens up ok, but stays tight through almost to the end.   The KA3 opens up like KA1,...
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Traditional ACB  3C in red versus the MV 3C

Austin Custom Brass MV 3C Special Mouthpieces

My #1 selling mouthpiece at ACB!   ACB MV 3C  Special Trumpet Mouthpiece   I have often wondered why you see the eBay auctions of Bach Mount Vernon 3C mouthpieces sell routinely for $400 and more.  Is there something special and...
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A low-fi view of the TA-V1  cup...  huge shape yet super efficient!

Austin Custom Brass "V" Series Trumpet Mouthpieces

One of the first things I wanted to do in my mouthpiece series is to create a line of mouthpieces that mix comfortable modern rims with the GREAT sound and efficiency of the old Heim cup.  This cup is similar to my TA-1 cup except deeper. It...
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