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Berp Bio Valve Oil 8oz bottle

$23.95 $19.95 Sale
A New and Improved Formulation     BerpBioOil presents a new formulation offered in three viscosities: light (1), medium (2), and heavy (3);  in an 8ounce bottle with additional empty bottle. This new oil has been developed by the...
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1951 Conn 80A cornet in Lacquer: Fun horn!

$479.99 $349.99 Sale
This horn is in lacquer and has a beautiful engraving!   The 80A is an awesome cornet, and is popular with trad jazz players. It has decent compression with thicker valve oil. There are some signs of red rot in the leadpipe, but we tested it for...
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ACB Doubler's Student Trumpet in polished lacquer

New for 2018 is the ACB   Doubler's  Student Trumpet, the TR-1!   We are so happy to finally offer a great playing (check out the video)  student trumpet that comes complete with our ACB  Optimization services like we do...
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ACB Scratch and Dent Demo sale

$179.99 $79.99 Sale
These are  for scratch and dent mouthpieces...   either used at trade-shows and have slight insertion marks or  possible test mouthpieces with signs of usage.   All have been ultrasonically cleaned and sanitized prior to your...
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