Brassgiving 2019

I'm so thankful for all of you for blessing me and my shop with your support, your trust, and your business! As usual we have a number of killer coupons and sales to celebrate this week and your continued support of the shop.

- BRASS19: Use the code BRASS19 to save 10% on any new Adams or Schagerl Meister trumpet, cornet, or flugelhorn, including custom horns! We've got dozens of Adams in stock and we're happy to help you build a custom one. The shop will be very busy so please call Josh on the Mouthpiece Hotline to order a custom Adams (781.816.9664).

- 10LOW: Save 10% on any low brass instrument, including euphoniums, tubas, and trombones! Use the code 10LOW and save this week!

- MB15: Save on the RLGB, the Manchester Pro flugel, or the Manchester Pro trombones! These fabulous horns are made in Taiwan with incredible tolerances. I love the RLGB and use it regularly when I'm not playing my Adams. The Manchester Pro tbone is equally nice Dr. Chris says! Use the code MB15 to save today!

- 200SONIC: I love the new Sonic line - the flugel is incredible and the Sonic trumpet is a very versatile horn. Save $200 on the new Sonic horns with the code 200SONIC.

- 200ADACB: Use the code 200ADACB to save $200 on any Adams ACB Collaborative trumpet! 

- 20ACC: Don't need a horn? No problem! Save 20% on mouthpieces, mutes, and cases with the ACC20 code!

- 100HORN: Save $100 on all orders over $1,000! You can't combine this code (100HORN) with the other codes, but you CAN use it on used horns and consignment horns to boot!

As always, feel free to email with any questions! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! Best,