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Best Brass 3-Way Cup Mute

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BB Cup
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Product Overview

These are great playing cup mutes made in Japan! The cup can be removed to turn this into a straight in a pinch. 


From the manufacturer:

The cup position is adjustable. Besides, the pitch and blow are not changed much even if the cup is attached to the bell so that you can do warm-up with it.


High-quality, yet practical.

Literally transforms into three STFs

‘3-way Cup’ adopts a unique material for the cup part: elastomer. This makes the cup be adjustable and also achieves a warm and smart cup sound.
As you can see in the model name, it can be used in three different style of mutes (Below) and would be a great catch-all mute for most of the players.

- The three styles -


[Cup mute]
Perfectly in tune, and it is adjustable so you can find your favorite position. The closer you put it, the warmer the sound will be.


[Straight mute]
Just remove the cup and it will be a fantastic straight mute with a superb brass bottom, which achieves dark and rich sound from its pianissimo in all registers. You will be surprised by its excellently solid tonal core and the powerful sound.


If the cup is applied oppositely, it transforms into a plunger. The cup part can be easily held, which helps player perform picturesque nuance.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review