ACB Mouthpiece Clearance Sale from Trent's collection! The TA-Blowouts!

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ACB TA-B Trent Blowouts
1.00 LBS
$8.25 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
$47.00 - $109.99
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Well Trent has certainly seen his share of mouthpieces in his time!   That's part of the reason the store exists as he was so intrigued by what custom mouthpieces can do and will do!  As he's been slowly paring off his collection (see this link for more details)  he looked at his mouthpiece pouches and shelves in his home studio and realized it was time to pare down here as well.  Everything is priced fairly and does show some small signs of usage/wear.  If you have any additional questions please email us (link at bottom) of page.   


Please note the custom Coppernicus is not for sale (but we do always have stock model Coppernicus instruments in stock ;-)






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