ACB Demo & Exchange Mouthpiece Blowout Sale!

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ACBMPC Demo Exchange
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  • ACB Demo & Exchange Mouthpiece Blowout Sale!
  • ACB Demo & Exchange Mouthpiece Blowout Sale!
$59.99 - $134.99
"Worth checking out all the ABC mouthpieces. The customer service is top notch. The variety of rim shapes, back bores, and mouthpiece blanks is excellent. IMHO every trumpeter should possess a regular trumpet mouthpiece and a matching FX short shank trumpet mouthpiece for a soft mellow flügel-like sound. Highly recommend!" -Timothy Moke
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Sometimes it can take a few tries to find the perfect mouthpiece, which is why we have an exchange policy. Typically we offer these lightly used mouthpieces at a discount to our in-store customers, but with the current COVID-19 restrictions we've decided to offer them through our web store! Click the dropdown menu above for well over 100 options. Check out the options and equivalencies here!


Due to the low sale price, no coupons can be used on these items.


These mouthpiece may have light signs of use, like insertion marks on the shank. If the blank style isn't specified, it is our standard trumpet mouthpiece blank. All mouthpiece are in silver plate unless otherwise noted.

All sales final at this price.

No coupon codes can be used for this listing due to the huge discounts already offered! 

The lot numbers are for our internal listing and shipping needs.

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Prior to ordering please check our Shipping and Returns policy.

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13 Reviews

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    Fantastic mouthpieces at a great price!

    Posted by Eric on 17th Mar 2022

    I’ve purchased multiple demo mouthpiece from ACB and each one was near mint condition. Great value for how well these mouthpieces play.

  • 5
    Papa Bear, 1.25C, & 3C flugel pieces

    Posted by Hans Receveur on 27th Nov 2021

    If you’re unsure which way to go with your mouthpieces choices, this sale option is a great way to try a few different pieces and see what works for you. I got four MPs in total - three flugel and one trumpet with a matched rim to get used to switching between the two instruments with more consistency. All of the rims feel awesome, the builds are with heavy, high quality stainless steel with no signs of use. If you’re getting a new flugel for the first time, I highly recommend getting a few with different cup depths through this MP sale as this has a huge effect on the sound produced, unlocking a whole new dimension to help you get to known your new horn.

  • 5
    ACB 1.25 CS

    Posted by Manuel C. on 29th Oct 2021

    Very nice mouthpiece. I find it very comfortable so far and the tone it produces is warm and rich. Customer service is very good and the mouthpiece I received was in great condition. Thank you. Manuel

  • 5
    ACB 1.25CS Traditional Blank

    Posted by Ryan M on 4th Oct 2021

    Fit and finish is fantastic. Roundness of shank, outside of rim, and thickness of shank walls all within .01mm all the way around. Plating seems rich and thick, milling of size and branding look especially good. I've been playing mouthpieces in this ballpark for about 20 years, including a lot of Bachs of various vintages and configurations, Yamahas, and Monettes. This rim is the most comfortable I've tried, trending towards the smaller "feel" of what I have to compare it with, but certainly not feeling small. Outer edge seems softer, helping a little bit with endurance. I could do with maybe a little more bite on the inside, but that's because I like a lot of security and I think most people would say that I prefer rims that are "too" sharp. Cup shape is the real story here. The difference between this and a "standard" Bach 1 1/4C is minimal, but it's just the right about of minimal in just the right places. If you play on a 1 1/4C cup for most orchestral work and you want something that's just a tiny bit zingier for pops rep, this would be a great fit. For me, I tend to play a bit on the darker end of the spectrum, and I find that this puts my sound right in the center. The throat entrance helps clarity of attacks, and makes up for the the slightly less aggressive bite. The targets are very big, and there's more room for pitch correction than on a stock 1 1/4C. In the lower and middle registers I feel that the resistance is very slightly higher than what I'm used to, but the resistance increases much more slowly as I ascend. By the time I'm at C above the staff, it is significantly more free-blowing than a stock mouthpiece. I actually find it a little too free-blowing to be comfortable well above the staff - the concert Db in the Haydn Concerto is about as high as I'd really want to play on this. That's just as well, though, because for anything hanging out in that tessitura I'd want some more specialized equipment all around. The short shank works as advertisements and math would have you believe - 5th partial intonation is significantly better, and the effect is more pronounced on more open horns. 6th partial Is a touch high for me, but the bigger targets make that less of an issue. The "Traditional" looks nice, but it's a little heavier than I was anticipating. It is an absolutely perfect match for my Malone MC2/229 Sterling C trumpet. It works well on my 37, but I think that there may be a "Vintage" blank version of this in my future. For those wondering how it compares to a Monette, it's similar in cup and rim shape to a _2S3 cup. I think it plays a bit better, though - response is more what I want out of a mouthpiece, and the color is more "me" than on the Monettes. Also, I feel that it's easier to color and bend the ACB mouthpiece, and it's not such a polarizing presence.

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    ACB 7M Standard Blank

    Posted by Ryan M on 4th Oct 2021

    I bought this mouthpiece based on 30 seconds messing around with a Giardinelli 7M years ago. I don't remember exactly how that piece played, but I remember thinking "That was really cool!", so when I had a chance to pick one up at a great price, I jumped on it. Fit and finish is excellent. Outside of shank end is within .02mm of round, after a couple weeks of use. Shank thickness at end is within .01mm all the way around, as was outside rim diameter - not something that's guaranteed if you're just running a set-it-and-forget CNC turning center. I don't have a good tool for measuring cup diameter or highpoint, but I have no reason to think they'll be any less dead-on. Plating looks rich and even, especially in size and brand milling. Aesthetically, I wasn't sold on the ACB standard blank from the pictures, but in person I really like it. As an added bonus, I think it has just a tiny bit more heft in the right spot to help lock in articulations. Run shape is as described in Trent's video. Slightly narrow and on the sharper end of things (but not silly-sharp), allows for great accuracy and very clean articulation, I would note that I'm usually a 1 1/4 C player, and my lips tend to swell quickly, so I'm experiencing a bit of a learning curve trying not to bottom out on this mouthpiece, though I definitely wouldn't call it shallow. To me, depth is kinda-sorta comparable to a modern Bach 3C, but with a way better shape. Sound is really great - bright and lively without edging into proper "lead" mouthpiece territory, I think it's just perfect for trad jazz or maybe a kind of "period" sound for big band trumpet features. Overall the mouthpiece feels quite a bit more resistant than what I'm used to (open versions of 1 1/4 C), but that resistance isn't objectionable. It stays very consistent through A or Bb above the staff, and then slowly and steadily increases. By the time it reaches F-G, there's a fair amount there to push against, and I find that to be a chop saver. Overall, very pleased with it and having a lot of fun. Only time will tell if I can find a way to keep my swelling chops from shutting me down after 45 minutes.

  • 5
    BeeBear mouthpiece

    Posted by Norman Fowler on 30th May 2021

    At this price this is a fantastic mouthpiece, I am still searching for the one mouthpiece that will fit me and allow me a large enough range. I have bought several during this blow out sale and you cannot beat the price.

  • 5
    BeeBear mouthpiece

    Posted by Norman Fowler on 9th May 2021

    Very good mouthpiece and has a good tone and of course the price was great.

  • 5
    Papa bear trumpet mouth piece

    Posted by Ramiro Hernandez on 26th Apr 2021

    This mouth piece is the best Mp I have ever owned. For a demo piece It has no mark ,no dents in like new condition at this price. Its unbelievable. Thank you ACB Your Truly Ram Hernandez

  • 4
    ACB 3C Mouthpiece

    Posted by Bob Jackson on 5th Apr 2021

    The mouthpiece is all it was advertised. I am having fun adjusting to it. It seems to be what I need to correct the problem I was having with my Bach 7c. My only complaint is with USPS. It sat in Kansas City for almost a week. Thanks for prompt service on your part.

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