ACB Combo Deal on Manchester Brass Custom RL-GB Professional Bb Trumpet!!

Manchester Brass
$1,614.99 $1,115.00 (You save $499.99)
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Weight 13.00 LBS
Height 12.00 (in)
Width 24.00 (in)
Depth 12.00 (in)
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Manchester Brass RL-GB  Trumpet

Special deal -- call Josh (781.816.9644) with questions!


(Trent plays a Manchester RL-GB when he doesn't use his Adams)


We are so pleased with the fantastic success of the Manchester Brass line we asked our manufacturer to make us a complete custom model. This is an AMAZING playing instrument, perhaps the best playing trumpet you will find at this price on the market.


Some key features:

  • Reversed leadpipe
  • Light weight, large flare (think Bach 72), 5-inch bell in gold brass
  • Nickel trim
  • Nickel Inner slides
  • Stainless steel valves
  • .460 ML bore
  • Deluxe carry bag with backpack straps
  • ACB Precision Valve Alignment for best tone and playability
  • Each horn will be personally play tested and adjusted by Trent!
  • Includes Hetman 1 valve oil and Hetman slide grease (professional quality synthetic lubricants)
  • Comes with our premium ACB MV3CS modern blank mouthpiece in silver plate (a $180 value!)

This horn has an absolutely huge Sound profile and tons of versatility (recording clips below)!


I can't begin to tell you how excited we are for this launch. This horn, I believe, could easily sell for $1500-1700 but that has never been our shop's mission to be greed based. We want to provide incredible equipment, personally tweaked and modified by our shop, for a great price.


Quick little demo.... first take only (per my usual)... with two ACB mouthpieces: ACB 3B and ACB Ta-Z

From Mahler to Maynard in 30 seconds... this horn is incredibly versatile and sells for around $1,100!


Here's another example of the amazing RL-GB!


Here are a few reviews from some delighted customers!

"This horn exceeded my expectations in every way! It is beautifully made with very smooth slides, and valves. The blow is is perfect, not too open but at the same time it never backs up no matter how much I give it. The intonation is spotless. It is equal to any $3,000+ trumpet I have ever played. The horn is extremely versatile as well. I play principle in the local orchestra on it and with out telling the conductor that it was a new horn he told me "Wow your are really projecting tonight! Sounds great!" I also play lead in a couple local big bands and the response and projection is so easy I feel like I can go for ever on this thing and not get tired. I was skeptical of buying a horn at this price point. I usually play Benge, Yamaha, Callet, or recently a Bach 37 lightweight. However after playing the RLGB I put it up there with the best of them. If you are on the fence about this horn, don't be! You will love it!" -Mario Pesacreta (5/13/19)


"Last spring, after a 50 year break, I decided to take up the trumpet again. I had played a Conn 28B during the 50s and 60s so I knew what a good professional horn is all about, and deciding on the Manchester ACB custom model RL-GB was a bit of a risk because I live in Canada and couldn't take a test drive. But I had already bought a vintage Selmer sight unseen from ACB and it had been a positive experience. Trent and Josh are great guys and you can take them at their word, believe me.

I play in a local community band and am one of 4 trumpet players. I had been using a Bach student model for my comeback while surrounded by pro horns like a Bach Strad and Yamaha Xeno, so I wanted a good pro horn but couldn't afford a 2-3K price tag. Josh recommended the RL-GB and the minute I took it in my hands a blew a few notes, I knew it would be the right fit for me. This is a fantastic lightweight horn with excellent intonation and is at home whether you are playing swing, folk or classical. It looks (tri-tone gold, yellow brass, and nickel), feels, and sounds the way a quality professional horn should, but the amazing thing is the 1K price tag. You would expect to play at least 2K for something of this quality in Canada.
I love this amazing horn (and so does everyone who has seen and heard it) and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a great pro model at an affordable price. And you will never go wrong dealing with those great guys at Austin Custom Brass." -George Bellefontaine (2/23/17)

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