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1952 LA Olds Super Bb Cornet in Lacquer

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Olds 855
8.00 LBS
$35.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Product Overview

These are great playing and sounding horns - the LA Olds horns are quite popular among vintage horn players and were one of the most popular horns of their time. This particular horn has signficant lacquer wear and a few dents in the leadpipe. It still has many years of playing ahead of it though!

Comes with original Olds 3 cornet mouthpiece, as modern cornet mouthpieces do not fit. A small taper flugelhorn mouthpiece works well though. 
(No case included)

From Olds:

Streamlined for power and beauty, the SUPER Cornet is a custom-crafted instrument of unlimited flexibility, ease of blowing and rich, resonant tone.
The streamlined form and bracing means easier handling: the smooth action is effortless, fast and dependable. The "Tone Control Band" construction insures power without blasting. Valves are nickel silver and special nickel allow is used throughout all contact points of the SUPER Cornet

Ryan Kisor playing an Olds Super cornet (not his actual horn for sale)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review