1923 Conn 80A Cornet in Silver Plate with Quick Change Tuning!

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SKU UCOR Conn 80A 788
Weight 6.00 LBS
Height 12.00 (in)
Width 24.00 (in)
Depth 12.00 (in)
Shipping $35.00

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This is a really cool find, a Conn 80A New Wonder cornet from 1923-24! This cornet has an improved quick change to A setup with a mechanism that extends the first and third valve slides when the tuning slide is fully extended; it also has the opera glass fine-tuner, and all of the mechanical aspects of the horn are in smooth working order. The horn is in silver plate with only minor plating wear. There are a couple minor dings. The bell has a slight downward angle from about the second valve (see photos) and has a very slight flattening at that point. The 80A is an awesome cornet, and is popular with trad jazz players. With the fully functional A mechanism, this horn is a great find!

Check out a clip of Trent playing an 80A (not this one for sale) below:

No case or mouthpiece included.


Conn Loyalist says

Notice the micro-tuning mechanism just forward of the first valve. Also notice the "mechanism" attached to the first and third slides. This automatically adjusts all slides when the main tuning slide is pulled out to A. The 80A started out life as the "New Wonder", then the "Victor New Wonder" and finally simply as "Victor". If you compare the "New Wonder" specifications of 1914 with the "Victor" specifications of 1957 you will notice the Victor gained 7 ounces in weight compared to 1914. The 80A New Wonder has a #2½ bore (0.484"). Also, this model 80A had top spring valves with adjustable spring strength, while the later version had bottom spring valves. A minor detail is the second slide which on this model is at a right angle to the body of the instrument, but on the later version angles back towards the player. Read the booklet Conn included with these instruments, entitled "What you should know about this instrument" for more on the "mechansim", the micro-tuning mechanism (a.k.a. opera glass tuning slide) and the adjustable spring strength. Production started no later than 1914, and possibly earlier. The 80A with mechanism was discontinued sometime around 1939.